The operating principle of the Bioreactor is simple

The Bioreactor is a continuously operating greywater bioreactor, and its operating principle is simple. Its operation is based on the aeration of wastewater, which is made efficient by means of biological treatment. The biological layer that is accumulated at the surface of the biomodules enhances the treatment of nutrients in the wastewater.

  1. Greywater is directed to the first section of the tank with a gravity drain.
  2. The large volume of the first section provides the prerequisites for efficient separation of fats and solids.
  3. After the separation, the water moves, by means of gravitation, from the base of the second section to the biomodules.
  4. In the biomodules, the greywater is aerated with small oxygen bubbles and, as a result of the process, the reduction of the most problematic substance of greywater, i.e. organic material, is 99%.
  5. In the third section, the treated water is allowed to settle before it is moved to the outlet location at the base of the section.
  6. The coarse filter of the outlet sewer finalises a perfect treatment result.