Privacy policy


1. Controller of the register

Jätevesiliike Vestelli Oy
Aleksanterinkatu 29 A 7
33100 Tampere
010 232 7220

2. Company handling register-related issues:

Betta Digital Oy
Linnankatu 61, 20100 Turku
050 327 0706

3. Name of the register

Jätevesiliike Vestelli Oy’s customer register

4. Purpose for processing personal data

The register is used, if necessary and with the customer’s consent, for the following procedures:

  • customer relationship management
  • customer and direct marketing
  • surveys

The customer has the right to separately deny the disclosure and use of his/her data in the procedures of this register.

5. Description of the group of data subjects and the data content of the register

The register includes:

  • name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • registration date
  • messages
  • calendar entries for call times
  • any refusal made by the customer concerning the disclosure and processing of his/her personal data for direct advertising, remote sales and other direct marketing.

6. Regular data sources and accuracy of data

The data of this register is obtained, when the customer submits his/her contact details at The customer has the opportunity to remove his/her data from the register.

7. Regular disclosure of data and transferring data outside the EU

The controller of the register shall not disclose any of the customers’ personal data to third parties, and the personal data shall not be transferred outside the EU.

8. Data removal

The customer’s data can be removed upon the customer’s request. In addition, Jätevesiliike Vestelli Oy has the right to remove data as a result of its own monitoring.

9. Protection principles of the register

Personal data shall be stored as confidential, and access to such data shall only be provided to relevant people. Data that has been manually collected shall be transferred in digital format to the customer database over an encrypted connection.

The digital customer database is protected with firewalls.